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Rich Girl Poor Girl is about two girls growing up as friends, one in a family with riches and the other without. They go to school together, shop together, party together and then get married and have children around the same time.

In 2008 the global financial crisis hits everyone hard as well as personal disasters. Divorce, job losses, money problems are just a part of normal everyday life. But is there a light at the end of the tunnel of doom, gloom, and despair?  Is there a shining white knight with a solution to the problem? You’ll find out as you read through this tale of normal lives.

The stories are something which everyone is familiar with, and one which is constantly seeking a solution. There is hope in an unexpected form and it shows how they learn to manage their money and create their wealth.

Do they all live happily ever after?

It’s a fairy tale … or is it?

What's Inside?

           Inside, You’ll Discover ...  

  • How the global financial crisis changed everyone's life from the comfort of how they were living to accepting a new reality of unemployment and lifestyle changes. It's the same upheaval people experienced through the 2020 global pandemic and current inflationary period. 

  • You will find out how these girls took the skills they had, and enjoyed and turned it into an income generating, work from home experience. Find out how this story was already years ahead of what was to come and how you can benefit from the same experiences.

  • Money is at the heart of struggle or survival for most people, and you can learn about the system they used to get themselves into financial order and prosper for their futures.

The book is written for women because of the author’s experience of being asked by many women how to manage their daily money.

- One Off



nobby kleinman

During more than 20 years as a financial adviser, Nobby Kleinman was asked one question more often than any other, and nearly always by women. 


“How do I manage my daily money?”

He knew there was a problem when simple advice wasn’t enough.

So Nobby devised not just the perfect money management solution, but also the most simple and easy to understand wealth creation program - Money Rules.

Now you can have your own financial guide on call 24 hours a day to guide you through every penny. It saves you money. It makes you money

Nobby consults with both men and women showing them how to think differently in order to create long-term income without leaving their day job – unless they want to!

Many people fear money. Many people struggle with money. Some people have enough money. If you wish to become the ‘some people’ then invest in this book. You will find yourself inside the story as one of the characters. But don’t fear.

If you follow the advice given you WILL LIVE happily ever after.

- Kurt Johansen

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